Brothers in Granite 15th Anniversary


Daniel & Fernando, along with all of us at Brothers in Granite are pleased to invite you to our 15th Anniversary Party on September 8th at our headquarters in Vitoria!  Our customers have been instrumental in the growth and success of our business and now is our chance to give thanks and celebrate with you!

To that end, we invite you to fill out the RSVP form at this link.  Similar conditions apply to our popular “Travel to Brazil with Brothers in Granite” program - airfare will be reimbursed with a container purchase while hotel accommodations and ground transportation for you and a guest will be provided (check out the program details specific for the Anniversary below).

In addition to enjoying the party we’ll have an abbreviated version of our visitors program offered. We’ll still show you some other local factories and quarries but this is your opportunity to see the improvements we’ve been able to make in our business because of YOUR support and trust and of course, see the rest of beautiful Vitoria.

We expect a large number of our friends from around the world to be there to help us celebrate and we really hope that you’ll be there too.  We couldn’t have achieved our success without you and now we’re excited to show our appreciation.

RSVP now and join us on September 8th!

Check out the program details below:


While the photos shown in our website’s Live Inventory are an accurate representation of each material, we invite you to come and see their quality and beauty for yourself!


Brothers has recently invested in new machinery and you will have the opportunity to learn in detail how each step of our production line operates.


We’ll take you to the primary quarries where we source our blocks.  This way you have an understanding of the stone’s journey from the ground to your customer’s kitchen.  This is the experience of a lifetime and can be an invaluable sales tool for you to use when you go back home.

Let´s also have some fun!

Trip Program - Special Anniversary 15 Years 
How many days to stay?
We believe 5 days in Vitoria is perfect for a full experience.

See the schedule below:
Leave USA on Saturday (09/03) and arrive in Vitoria the next day -  Sunday (09/04) - Please buy your air tickets for leaving USA on 09/03 and arriving in Vitoria (VIX) on 09/04)
Day 1 (Sunday 09/04) — Arrival in Vitoria.  We’ll pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel near the beach and have a meal at one of our favorite local restaurants.
Day 2 (Monday 09/05) — Tour our factory 20 minutes from your hotel.  We’ll explain our production process and you can hand-pick your slabs.
Day 3 (Tuesday 09/06) — Travel to other nearby factories to see materials that we don’t stock and meet the owners of those factories. Yes, we’ll take you to our competitors too! We believe in a united stone industry and by having other options will make your choice of buying from us a more legitime act than an obligated one.
Day 4 (Wednesday 09/07) — Travel to Cachoeiro (2.5 hours by car) and visit quarries there.
Day 5 (Thursday 09/08) — Party Day! We can go back to Brother´s Warehouse to finish orders details (or day off for those who prefer to stay nearby the Hotel instead) + party at Brothers at 4pm.
Day 6 (Friday 09/09) = Free Day!  Explore the sights and scenes of Vitoria during the day before heading to the airport and home later in the day. Please buy your tickets returning on this day. 

If you’re interested in attending, just fill out the RSVP form at this link.
If you have any questions, just send an email to [email protected]

Important Restrictions:
 – Brothers will provide up to $1,500 in air travel reimbursement in the form of an invoice discount on the materials you select while in Brazil.
 – This program covers 1 person + 1 guess per company. That’s the rule but we can certainly open exceptions for our good customers who want to bring more people.
- A brazilian visa is NOT required anymore to enter Brazil. All you need is a valid passport.
- Covid-19 proof of vaccination is MANDATORY by Brazilian authorities at arrival in Brazil. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



Here you will find some videos showing how to unload containers of granite slabs. 

You should always first keep in mind that this is a very dangerous operation and you should be sure of how to handle it properly before you bring your containers. 

Option 1: Open Top container using a regular crane. You can always rent a crane locally for around $400 (THIS IS THE MOST COMMON WAY TO UNLOAD):

Option 2: Open Top container using an overhead crane:

Option 3: Closed top container without an unloading dock available (you will need a heavy forklift which can lift the entire bundle at once):

Option 4: Closed top container with an unloading dock available (you will need a regular forklift, not too heavy, and you can simply slide the entire bundle out):

Option 5: Closed top container without an unloading dock available, however with a pre-made iron structure (you will slide the entire bundle out at the iron structure, then pick it you from there):

- All our wood bundles have a piece of wood underneath it, called skies. This is made so you can slide the bundle out of the container, one at a time. 
- DO NOT ever brake the wood bundle and try to unload a slab at a time. It is very dangerous! You should always take the entire bundle out!
- You should always take out first the bundle on the side, then use caution to take out the middle bundle 
- You should use a long arm forklift to avoid the middle bundle from falling to the side while you are sliding it out. Then you should take out the bundle on the side for last. 
- When you are taking out the bundle on the side, you can tie it with straps to the side of the container (as shown on this video to avoid it falling to the side when you are sliding it out.
- Keep in mind that no wood will hold a bundle of stone with over 3000kg if it falls to the side! So you need to avoid the risk of falling to the side, by taking one at a time always starting with the bundle on the side, then on the middle, then on the side again, like explained above.
- Our wood bundles are specially reinforced with an iron bar at the bottom, so it will give you an extra security while unloading. See this video:
Flatbed Truck Delivery Option:
In case you are buying from us and want to have the slabs delivered on a flatbed truck instead of in containers, here's the two options of how to unload:
Option 6: Slab by slab unload with a light forklift:
Option 7: Unload a bundle at a time with a heavy duty forklift:

Book your trip to Brazil with us!


Book your trip to Brazil with us!

Import from Brazil and receive your slabs on a flatbed truck!


We are proud to announce a new option available for our customers when importing from us: Now you can receive your bundles on a flatbed truck, instead of in containers!
Yes! We now have a partnership with warehouses located at 3 major ports in USA (Norfolk, Houston and Los Angeles) where we can unload your container and then deliver your bundles on a flatbed truck!
It would work the same way as you already buy from us. We take care of all details related to importing (freight, delivery, bond, duties, customs brokerage and insurance). Simply select 7 bundles you like from our live inventory in our website, then choose “Container" if you want to know prices for having a container delivered to your door or “Bundles Delivery” in case you prefer to have the slabs delivered on a truck and you will see a complete quote in our website! 
Please feel free to place simulated orders if you want too. Simply go ahead and select 7 bundles now and see how easy it really is to import from us!

How to buy at Brother's website


Follow these quick steps to place your orders with us. We will take care of the rest!

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop


Compare and contrast features of the countertop surfaces available in today’s market. With so many possibilities to choose from, it’s hard to know which options you should consider. Think about your budget, your design taste and how your family will use your kitchen before making your decision.

The chart above compares the main characteristics of the most popular countertop materials in the market today. These include granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, porcelain, butcher block, quartz, solid surface, and laminate.

Price: Each surface material ranges in price, some being more dramatic than others. Read on to find out which countertops are the cheapest and which are the most expensive.

Durability: There are a few primary factors to consider when discussing the durability of a kitchen countertop: heat resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. How a surface is affected by these factors will determine how long it is likely to look brand new without the need for extensive maintenance.

Easily Cleaned and Maintained? This is a simple yes or no question but a very good one to consider when selecting the right surface for your countertop. If you plan on cooking regularly in your kitchen, you will want something for which is easy to care. Some families use their kitchen as more of a gathering place than a work surface, in which case, the answer to this question might not be as important.

Construction: What is your countertop made of?

Can you set a hot pan on the surface without damage? A green thumbs up means that yes, you can take your cookie sheet out of the oven and set in on your countertop without worrying about scorching or melting the surface. A red thumbs down means that you should always use a trivet or hot pad.

Should you expect scratches and regular maintenance? Softer countertop surfaces will inevitably get scratched from time to time. With some materials, regular maintenance can remove the scratches to keep your kitchen looking new. A green thumbs down means your countertop won’t easily scratch so you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance. A red thumbs up means you should expect some scratches over time.

Is it easy to find in a wide range of colors? A green thumbs up means this countertop is available from numerous manufacturers/distributors in many colors and patterns. A red thumbs down means that the surface does not come in a wide variety of colors or has limited availability.

Color Variations: The collection of photos in the infographic above highlights common colors of each countertop material to give you an idea of what your kitchen might look like with this surface installed. Please note that many variations exist within each countertop category.



Stone Fabricators Alliance


We support the SFA!

Stone Fabricator's Alliance, an organization comprised of fabrication and restoration professionals from around the world. Their objective is to provide the resources necessary to enable their members to prosper by improving their quality of fabrication and restoration methods and practices. They do this by sharing information, skills and techniques all for the good of the hard working professionals that make up this fantastic industry.

Learn, Share, Prosper

Make sure to visit:

Quarry pictures from Brothers


Please feel free to access the link below to see and download pictures we've taken of some quarries where we buy som of our blocks here in Brazil:

Customers Feedback


Read below what some of our customers said about their experience of importing from us:
"We have been telling the WORLD about our time with You (Renato), Fernando, Daniel and Pedro. You are truly part of our family now! We also love the stone that arrived on Thursday this past week. It is the highlight of our sales narrative to let our customers know that we have traveled to Brazil to find the best stones for them. If you have any clients that want to talk with us about our experience with Brothers in Granite please don't hesitate to them contact us. I would let them know how easy you are to work with and the quality stone you have to offer!"    -  J.D
John (JD) Seiler
Red Leaf Milling Company, LLC
Newfane, NY
Ph: 716-228-4353

"Container arrived yesterday and we got it unloaded without a problem. I unpacked the bundles today and everything looks good. Thanks Fernando, I think this material will move fast!"
Scott Petrie
Petrie's Stoneworks
Filer, ID
ph: 208-421-0352

"Everything went smooth. Thank you again for everything. Very pleased with my first experience importing. We will have to talk about that trip to brazil."
Anthony Mroczka
A M Stoneworks 
Kelseyville, CA
ph: 7072795003

"I just received container last night and we already unloaded. Everything is looking good so far. All colors is just beautiful."
Brioni Granite & Marble LLC.
St. Louis, MO
Ph: 314-638-0500

"Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that the container showed up, the material all looks nice. And we got it all unloaded without incident. The container should be cleaned up by the end of day tomorrow and it can be picked up. I’ll let the dispatch know"
Curt Harrison
Chris & Dicks
Salt Lake City, UT
Ph: 801-478-5164

“We are very pleased with the material. In the future tho I would prefer the ornamental to be resined. Other than that love everything. You will here from us again in the future for sure. It just arrived Friday so give us a few weeks to sell some and I will get in touch"
Chris Graham
Sugar Grove Marble
Bowling Green, KY
Ph: 270-846-3711

"If we haven’t said this before, we’ve been very pleased with the information (slab photos, packing lists, container photos, etc ) that you provide us when we place an order. That is much better than anyone we’ve ordered from in the past."
Marlene Wukusick
The Stone Studio, LLC
Batesville, IN
Ph: 8129330200

"We love the material and all is selling really well. We have tickets to come and see you February 4th-10th. Hopefully we can find material to fill a couple of containers. Thanks again."
Brayden McArthur
Imperial Stone
Idaho Falls, ID
"Hi Fernando, We recd the container and unloaded the materials. I would like to thank you and appreciate you for your efforts towards packing and shipping. The bundles came in pretty good and there was absolutely no leaning of the bundles, which made it very safe to unload. Your practice of putting the metal piece in the bottom and the wood extensions is a very good practice. Pls. keep up the great work."
Stone City
1620, S Abilene St - Unit G -  
Aurora CO USA 80012
Ph: 303-671-5353